Pisco - An alcoholic fruit juice originating from distilled, fermented grape juice from grapes grown in the wine growing region of the Ica Valley, around the Pisco River and near Peru. Pisco is used as a base for a range of cocktails and desserts.

One of the most popular cocktails in Peru is the Pisco Sour. Bar Uma’s Classic Pisco Sour is a beautiful marriage of ‘Pisco Quebranta’, tart lime juice, and balanced with a soft sweetness. Bar Uma’s other cocktail offerings are inspired by Peruvian cuisine – light and fresh, made primarily with pisco, rum and tequila.

Executive chef Alejandro Saravia says, ‘one of the best ways of discovering Peru is through its food.’ Bar Uma’s menu is created with tropical cocktails in mind. Bar Uma takes small bites from the UMA kitchen, a fusion of Peruvian recipes and local ingredients, combining traditional cooking techniques with haute cuisine.

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